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The CTA252 is certainly worth some TLC but some parts (like the slider controls and case parts) are no longer manufactured. If you have a receiver with working slider controls, a complete service including replacement of all electrolytic and polyester film capacitors, LED replacements for the meter illumination lamps, and minor fault repair is available.

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For the repair engineer or serious DIY enthusiast a full service kit is available from our Online Shop.

Replacing all the electrolytic capacitors in a piece of equipment this old with modern capacitors specifically designed for audio use will always offer a significant improvement in sound quality. Add to that the improvements in the quality of power supply capacitors, and you end up with a CTA that continues to produce a musical experience that you will find difficult to better (particularly for the cost of a service) in many modern high quality amplifiers.

It is now also possible to get rid of the harmless but somewhat alarming switch on thump by fitting brand new replacement power amp modules. We offer this as an option because it doesn’t enhance the sound quality of the CTA and if you don’t have a problem with the switch on thump then there’s no need to fit the new PA modules.

The only exception to this would be in an active system where the switch on thump could damage a tweeter. If you are using a CTA in an active system then you should seriously consider the PA module upgrade option.


Some spares are available (including some refurbished PCBs).

It is also possible to supply new replacement power amp modules which include the "anti thump" circuitry of the later Nytech equipment. Because these sound different to the original modules they are only available on an exchange basis (we re-use the heatsink which is no longer available) and in matched pairs as they will sound different to the original modules.

See the Spares page in our online shop for more details and prices.



The original receiver made in the original Nytech factory in Nailsea near Bristol. Usually identified by a RED case label, Din sockets for phono and tape and no options for MC cartridges. Many were upgraded to "XD" specification. 20W RMS per channel (spec claimed 25W but this was a bit optimistic).


First of Richard Hay's modified receivers made at the Nytech Chew Magna factory after Richard bought the company from the original directors. The "XD" (which stood for Extended definition) added a dealer changeable phono card to allow the use of the new high end moving coil phono cartridges. Also some minor modifications to the power amp modules and power supply resulting in a significant improvement of sound quality, making the CTA252 one of the first "super fi" components that the average person could afford to own, and one of the best sounding FM tuners of the time.

The XD is identified by its silver label on the case and the MM/MC1/MC2 options on the rear label and the RCA socket "Flying lead" phono inputs.

CTA252 XDII (Mk 1)

The "XDII" had a major power supply upgrade including a torroidal mains transformer which provided the best sound quality possible from the CTA design and reduced hum dramatically (especially for MC phono inputs). It also raised the output power to about 30W RMS/Channel.  It looks identical from the outside to the "XD" so it can be difficult to tell the difference between the "XD" and Mk1 "XDII".

CTA252 XDII (Mk2)

The Mk2 CTA252 XDII replaced the "Direct" DIN speaker sockets with 4mm sockets allowing the use of quality speaker cable. There was also a change to the Preamp out/Poweramp in levels to allow the CTA to be used with the new CXA252 active crossover amplifier. Easily identified by the 4mm speaker connectors and a 5xxxx serial number.

Nytech CTA252 XD receiver

CTA252 Receiver

Nytech's original award winning tuner-amplifier turned more than a few heads at the time of its launch for its unusual "calculator" style design. The CTA252 production run went through several upgrades all of which were aimed at improving the already impressive sound quality.

CTP102 Tuner Preamp

The CTP102 is a Tuner/preamp version and needs a separate power amplifier.

CTA252/XD/XDII Receiver and CTP102 Tuner Preamp