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The CPA602 was developed as an "upgrade" for greater power output for CTA252 owners. However its outstanding sound quality soon meant that specific products like the CTP102 tuner/preamp or CP112 preamp became available. The CPA602 was easily capable of 60W RMS and sound quality to rival that of the other famous British "super fi" manufacturers.

There is also a very rare CPA602S which has split power supplies and a regulator for the low power signal stages. If you have one of these then it's the best sounding piece of kit Nytech ever made and has a sound quality as good as the "XD" upgrade below.

Nytech CPA602 power amplifier

CPA602 Power Amplifier

Service and Repairs

The sound quality of the CPA602 is exceptional and a fully serviced unit will match many of today's top end Hifi components at a fraction of the cost. The only electrical component not available is the power supply capacitors on the earlier units (later units have different capacitors that are still available). If you have an older unit then it is well worth considering the "XD" upgrade below.

It is possible to service just the power amp modules on the early 602 if required but the "XD" upgrade gives much better value for money given the quality of the end result.

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As a new power supply board with modern capacitors is the only option for servicing older CPA's it seemed sensible to improve on the one thing on the original CPA that could be improved and the XD upgrade was born.

The XD upgrade includes:

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Most spares are still available apart from the driver transistors which have modern alternatives. If you need to change semiconductors then you need to change components on both channels to keep the sound quality the same for both channels.

Finally a replacement power supply board is available to replace the early board and its capacitors that are no longer available. The new board will produce significant sound quality improvements however and is well worth the extra cost.