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Here you will find all things related to vintage Nytech Audio and Ion Systems equipment.

We are dedicated to keeping vintage HiFi equipment alive.  Whether your kit needs a service, major/minor repair or even an upgrade to improve sound quality, please email or call us - details are found on our Contact Page.

Follow the links below for details of what we provide for each piece of kit. If your equipment is not listed please let us know so we can add it to our site, we may still be able to help you.

All equipment services and upgrades (which also include a service) are at fixed prices.  For repairs, quotes are given on inspection of kit as individual needs will vary.

If you are looking for spare parts - please browse the Spares section of our online shop.

Nytech Classic Equipment CTA252 amplifier

Nytech Classic

Nytech Audio

CTA252 Receiver

CTA252/XD/XDII Receiver and CTP102 Tuner Preamp

The CTA252 and its later upgrades were the original Nytech receivers.  The CTP102 was a receiver preamp for use with the 602 power amplifier.

CPA602 power amplifier

CPA602 Power amplifier

A 60W/channel add on power amplifier originally intended as the next step upgrade for the CTA.

CA252 integrated amplifier

CA252/CA202/CA302 Integrated amplifiers

An integrated amp to replace the CTA but keep to the same specs to allow continued use with the CXA active system. Very clean and detailed sound and very worth restoring if you own one!

CXA Electronic crossover

CXA252 Electronic crossover/amplifier

A combination of EXO 102 and the power amps from the CTA252 to produce a 1 box "active" upgrade for the CTA252 XDII and CA252.

Nytech Obelisk CA102

Obelisk Integrated amplifier

A small "budget" integrated amp in a rectangular box with the buttons on the front! (no design awards for this one). However once again a sound quality to rival equipment 5-10 times the price.

CP112 preamplifier

CP112/122 Preamplifiers

A small preamp with no tuner. First of the "sloping front" case styles.  CP122 a later version with a larger case style similar to the CA252.

EXO102/3 Electronic Crossover

EXO102/3 Electronic crossover

An electronic crossover initially designed for use with CPA 602 power amplifiers for ARC, Linn Isobarik PMS and Sara active loudspeakers.

CT206 Tuner

CT206 Tuner

A tuner to replace the gap in the Nytech range. Based on the CTA252 tuner section it retained the sound quality of the original and is quite rare as not that many were made.