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The CA252 was an integrated amplifier to replace the CTA252. Removal of all the tone control and filter circuits resulted in a very clean and musical sound that was unrivalled at the time and it could be said that the CA252 was the first integrated "super fi" amp. It was also unique combined with the CXA252 and ARC or Linn speakers in a simple 2 box active upgrade that was astounding value for money (and still is)!

The CA202 and CA302 were later variants of the CA252, The CA202 had no "link" plug and had lower power o/p (20W)

The CA302 had higher power (30W) but retained the "link" plug and effectively replaced the CA252

Nytech CA252 integrated amplifier

CA252/202/302 Integrated Amplifiers

Service and Repairs

The CA252 is well worth servicing as long as the volume and balance controls and rear din sockets are OK as they are no longer manufactured.

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The CA252 uses the same power amp modules as the CTA252 and CXA252 so the "new" CTA252 power amp module with its anti thump circuitry can be used if required.

It is possible however to add the "anti thump" circuit to an existing module so we've made an upgrade available that includes the following:

Because of the different construction of the later CA202 (6 button front panel) and CA302 amps there are no upgrades available for these units.

Some early CA202 (3 buttons) can be upgraded as they use the same components as the original CA252.

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