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Nytech Audio, world renowned in the 70s and 80s for producing quality British HiFi at affordable prices with a ‘musical’ sound, is back in business thanks to Phil Balaam, a former Nytech Test Engineer.

The original Bristol-based Nytech Audio went out of business in the late 80s, and it is our aim to follow the core beliefs of the original company by manufacturing quality HiFi products at affordable prices, achieving good sound quality by careful design, attention to detail and years of experience.  

We are proud of our no assembly line approach, with all equipment being hand built from start to finish by the same engineer.

At Nytech Audio we believe in good customer service and it is our aim to offer continuing support not only to any new equipment purchased, but also to that built by the original Nytech Audio and Ion Systems.

Nytech Audio is based in Cardiff in South Wales - feel free to contact us about our products or for any information on classic equipment.

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