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There are many good quality phono-phono cables on the market but very few good quality DIN connectors. So we have decided to offer some good quality DIN cables for classic Nytech, Naim and Bang and Olufsen owners so that they can continue to enjoy their equipment without compromising by using low quality cables.

Three cables are currently available:

(single signal)

A cable for connecting preamps to power amps.

Download Cables pdf leaflet

fully wired crossover

A cable with four individually screened Oxygen free copper connectors in a crossover configuration.

Download Cables pdf leaflet


two types available:

Phono Output to Din Input

Din Output to Phono Input

Download Cables pdf leaflet

cables.pdf cables.pdf CP132.pdf CPA401.pdf CPS102.pdf cables.pdf

Our new compact pre/power amplifier combo consisting of CP132, CPS102 and 2 x CPA401 are now available to purchase.

Click on the links below for information leaflets on our new range of products.

CP132  Control Centre

The CP132 is the heart of your music system. It simply switches between line level 4 analogue sources, adjusts the volume, and switches the power amps on and off.

Thats it! No menus, room simulators, graphic equalisers or text messaging and it's not connected to the internet!

The four inputs can be renamed to source names of your choice (16 characters max).

Download CP132 Control Centre pdf leaflet

CPA401 Power Amplifier

The CPA401 Power amplifier is a mono power amplifier (two required for normal stereo use).  Power is controlled by the CP132 preamp or other Nytech control systems.

With the correct lead, it can also be used as a stand alone power amp with no power control.

Download CPA401 Power Amplifier pdf leaflet

CPS102 Power Supply

The CPS102 is the power supply for the CP132 preamp.

It can also be used to power ancilliary equipment like the CDA102 phono stage or CHA101 headphone amplifier (both coming soon)

Download CPS102 Power Supply pdf leaflet

Nytech CDP112 phono preamp Nytech CDP102 MC adaptor

CDP112 Phono Preamplifier

The CDP112 is a high quality MM / MC Phono amplifier to allow use of a record deck into a normal high level amplifier input.

Moving Magnet or Moving Coil versions are available and the gain can be set by an internal adjustment.  The unit is powered by a separate linear plug top power supply (included).

CDP102 MC Adaptor

The CDP102 is an adaptor which will allow you to use a low output moving coil cartridge with your existing moving magnet phono input, without compromising the sound of your current phono stage.

The unit is battery powered to eliminate hum and noise.

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Our new range of Elite and Connoisseur phono - phono cables are now available from our online shop.

Nytech CP132 control centre

British made HiFi products giving high quality sound at affordable prices.

All equipment is hand crafted in the UK (Wales to be precise!).  We take pride in our no assembly line approach to building equipment - each piece of equipment is built from  scratch by one person only.

We offer a quality product which we believe is value for money.  We also believe that the best sounding system for you is the one you are happy with and enjoy listening to and only your ears can decide this.

Below you will find information on a selection of our products.  Click on the Shop button above to visit our online store for our full range which includes amplifiers, cables, spares and kits.

Nytech Audio pre-power amp combo HI-FI Choice Verdict


The Hi-Fi Choice review (May 2014) is available to read online here.